Kenya’s agritech startups aim to bridge food deficit

Astral Aerial Solutions (AAS) was also selected by the World Bank. The company has been carrying out test flights of drone fleets designed to fly over fields in Kenya to collect accurate, up-to-date data that farmers can use for data-driven decision-making.

"The drones are fitted with sensors and a group of cameras that have up to 1cm accuracy and relay real-time information [about] the field. They use set route algorithms to go over a specified section of land and can work on an average 1000 acres [405 hectares] in one and a half hours," Geoffrey Nyaga Kinyua, the chief operations officer and pilot at AAS, told Al Jazeera.



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Geoffrey Nyaga is recent graduate in aeronautical engineering with a keen interest in unmanned aircraft systems. He is the current Chief Operations Officer at Astral Aerial Solutions, a drone operator based in Kenya. Geoffrey, who is only 25 years old, is perhaps more famously known for winning the 2017 IATA Air Cargo Innovation Awards for the project titled “UAV Traffic Management Concept for Africa”. He shares an inspiring story from his upbringing from a remote village in Kenya, to building the first fixed wing drone in his country with his colleagues. He is currently on the forefront of promoting large cargo drones in various African countries. Furthermore, his dream is to safely manage all drones in the airspace using his drone traffic management idea designed with Africa in mind.

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